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Oncopolicy Forum 2012 Interviews



Development of oncology policy

Jose Mariano Gago – ECCO Political Advisor, interviewed by Richard Sullivan

Jose Mariano Gago explains that given the rapid expansion of the global oncological community, there is an ever growing need for a greater level of dialogue between oncology policy makers and stakeholders within Europe.

Gago explains how ECCO can help the oncology community develop further the availability of personalised medicines.

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Progress of personalised oncology treatment

Martine Piccart – President-Elect of ECCO, interviewed by Gordon McVie

ECCO President-Elect Martine Piccart warns that although there has been rapid progress in development of rsonalised cancer treatment, there is still a shortage of diagnostic tests and effective prognostic biomarkers to identify which patients will respond to treatments or will eventually relapse.

Without this, oncologists will continue to over-treat many patients and waste valuable resources. Piccart concludes by commenting that personalised medicine is currently simply stratified medicine and explains what progress must be made in order for personalised medicine to be realized to the full.

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Role of ECCO in the development of personalised oncology treatment

Kathy Oliver – ECCO Patient Advisory Committee
Julio Celis – ECCO Policy Committee
Cornelis van de Velde – President of ECCO
Interviewed by Gordon McVie

The panel discuss the level of understanding of personalised oncology treatments among the general public and explain what steps must be taken to improve this.

There are many advantages to a more individualised approach to oncology; however for this approach to succeed it is essential that all stakeholders are engaged and contribute towards its development.

The panel explain how Horizon 2020 will give oncologists an opportunity to contribute to funding policy, consider the need for more advanced data management systems to deal with the increase in data associated with a multidisciplinary approach to oncology and emphasise the need for a platform for Europe-wide treatment guidelines. 

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The role of patients in personalised medicine development

Ian Banks – ECCO Patient Advisory Committee
Jan Geissler – ECCO Patient Advisory committee

Interviewed by Richard Sullivan

Whilst personalised medicine offers many benefits, these treatment options are typically very expensive and unlikely to be universally available.

In this year’s Oncopolicy Forum, Ian Banks and Jan Geissler discuss the difficulties associated with such discrepancies in treatment availability and outline the contribution cancer patient groups and the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee, can make to informing patients about personalised therapies, and helping clinicians understand what patients expect from new treatments. video platform video management video solutions video player



A multidisciplinary approach to personalised medicine

Vincenzo Valentini – President of ESTRO
Peter Naredi – ESSO, Former President
Paolo Casali – ESMO, Executive Board Member
Interviewed by Gordon McVie

Valentini, Naredi and Casali discuss personalised cancer medicine and explain how it is affecting the fields of radiation oncology, surgical oncology and medical oncology. The panel discuss what areas of specialty are included in modern multidisciplinary oncology teams, outline the way ECCO is encouraging collaboration and providing a single voice for oncology, and emphasise that personalised treatment should address not just disease, but the overall needs of the patient. video platform video management video solutions video player




Challenges to the development of personalised medicine

Alexander Eggermont – President of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences
Franҫoise Meunier – Director General, EORTC
Interviewed by Richard Sullivan

Alexander Eggermont and Francoise Meunier discuss the challenges associated with the development of personalised medicine, including difficulties raising sufficient funds for European cancer trials, the way this can be addressed by collaborations with academia and the steps that must be taken to overcome the differences in the agendas of academia and industry.

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