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Robert Mansel

Robert Mansel

Representing: EUSOMA

Robert Mansel is an expert in the field of breast cancer with many years spent studying various aspects of the subject.

He is currently Emeritus Professor of Surgery in Cardiff University School of Medicine, Cardiff, UK and President of the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA).

Robert Mansel has a longstanding interest in quality assurance in breast clinics. He has written breast guidelines in the past and recently served on the triage panel of NICE (UK) developing updating of the new guidelines due in 2016. He is a major contributor to EUSOMA’s Quality Indicator publications and auditor in the European Breast Certification programme of Italcert with regard to Breast Centres Certification scheme. At EU level, he is strongly supportive of the aims of the European Commission Initiative in Breast Cancer (ECIBC) to improve the quality of breast care, and was recently appointed as the Chair of its Quality Assurance Development Committee.

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