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Gunnar Sæter

Gunnar Sæter   

Representing: OECI

Gunnar Sæter is a medical and radiation oncologist with interest areas including clinical and translational research, and with sarcomas as his main tumour group of interest. He has leadership background as Head of the Department of Medical Oncology in the Norwegian Radium Hospital and Chief Medical Officer of Ulleval University Hospital. He had held several international positions in Merck (MSD), including the position as Global Director of Scientific Affairs for Oncology. 
He is currently Director of the Institute for Cancer Research in Oslo University Hospital, which has six research departments and 24 research groups covering from basic through translational research to clinical implementation. He is Adjunct Professor of Oncology at University of Oslo, serves on the Board of Directors for the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), and is currently also the chair of OECI’s Accreditation Committee for European Cancer Centres.

He trained as an MD at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, with a Ph.D. degree from University of Oslo, and has been a specialist in Oncology since 1990.

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