European Cancer Organisation

Cornelis van de Velde

Cornelis van de Velde

Function: Member of the Oncopolicy Executive

Representing: ESSO

Cornelis Jan Hadde van de Velde is a surgical oncology expert with major clinical and scientific interest is breast, colorectal, gastric cancer and endocrine tumors.

Currently President of EURECCA (European Registration of Cancer Care), he has held a series of leading roles in national and European societies. He is Past President of the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO).

Cornelis van de Velde is also past chairman of EORTC Breast Group, Dutch Colorectal Cancer and Gastric Cancer Group, FACS(hon), FRCPS(hon), Past President of the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands, and Past President of ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation.

Cornelis van de Velde received a PhD (cum laude) in breast cancer in 1977. He trained in Leiden and Houston in surgery and surgical oncology until 1982. He was appointed Professor of Surgery in 1987 at the Leiden University Medical Centre.


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