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Fifth letter to our Community / 25 January 2011 


Two February days dedicated to cancer

It certainly is a busy start to 2011 as we gear up towards two key dates in the oncology diary. First, 04 February marks World Cancer Day with its overarching theme of Cancer Can Be Prevented, organised by the UICC, an Advisory Member of ECCO - the European CanCer Organisation.

Set to raise global awareness on and around cancer and promote the critical importance of prevention, UICC in collaboration with its partner organisations will run campaigns all over the world and therefore play an important role in the fight against this disease that claims millions of lives every year, many of which could have been prevented.

As President of ECCO I encourage you all to get involved and support these efforts by visiting the World Cancer Day website at:, and, if you have not yet already done so, add your signature to the World Cancer Declaration. Each and every name represents an important step towards reaching the minimum of 1 million signatures to be presented to world leaders at the first UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases later on in the year (September 2011).

The second big day in February’s agenda is International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th. Founding Member of ECCO, SIOP Europe - the European Society for Paediatric Oncology and the only pan-European organisation dedicated to childhood cancer, will mark the occasion by organising a special event in the European Parliament to be hosted by Mr. Alojz Peterle, MEP.

Taking place on the 9th of February, this meeting will convene a pan-European, multi-stakeholder audience to tackle key issues that affect this rare cancer such as inequalities in access to treatment and care, off-label drug use, the burdensome EU Clinical Trials Directive and funding sources for further research development. Patients and their families have also been invited in order to obtain real insight into the difficulties facing our young people suffering from cancer.

Find out more by visiting SIOP Europe’s website:


Collectively advancing European cancer therapeutics and prevention: the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress

Busy times ahead certainly don’t stop at February. After around 8 months more of highly dedicated and committed planning, the entire European oncology community will convene at the premier European cancer meeting: the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, 23-27 September, Stockholm, Sweden - the only multidisciplinary and multiprofessional educational opportunity in oncology to take place in Europe.

As I announced in my November page, our meetings have been further strengthened by visually encompassing the 16th ECCO, the 36th ESMO and the 30th ESTRO Congresses as well as recognising the essential contribution of all our other Founding Members in partnership - ESSO, EACR, EONS and SIOPE. This not only reiterates the unique multidisciplinary essence of our Congresses - and indeed that of ECCO as an Organisation - but also emphasises the relevance, role and participation of each and every specialty in oncology.

Abstract submission will open on 31 January and on behalf of the Executive Scientific Committee, the Organising and Scientific Programme Committees, I am delighted to invite you to submit your practice changing data which will be mature in 2011. More than an invitation to submit, if you have the practice changing data in the pipeline, we would be extremely keen to discuss submission directly with you today.

Abstracts including results of a practice-changing prospective Phase III clinical trial, a Phase II study showing anti-tumour activity in a novel context, an early clinical trial with novel proof-of-principle data, the demonstration of novel cancer biology with therapeutic implications? We want to hear from you! Please contact Davi Kaur by Email for further details: davi.kaur<at>


Pezcoller Foundation - ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology: nominations close 31 January 2011

Thinking about our forthcoming Congress prompts me to remind you about the deadline to nominate for the 2011 Pezcoller Foundation - ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology. Closing on 31 January, the next few days represent your last chance to nominate an outstanding individual for his/ her professional life dedication to the improvement of cancer treatment, care and research.

Open to all professionals and specialties within the oncology field, the award consists of a prize of 30.000 EUR and a commemorative plaque and will be presented in Rovereto (Italy) on 09 September 2011, and in Stockholm during the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress as a Plenary Lecture to be delivered during the Presidential Session of Sunday 25 September 2011.

As I predicted in my end of year President’s Page, with what’s in store for 2011 we can all look forward to an exciting and inspiring year ahead - together in partnership!


Michael Baumann, ECCO President

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